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Keturah And Lord Death - Martine Leavitt I hated this book. Hated hated hated. Yes, there was cheesiness, and the characters were not terribly well-drawn, but that wouldn't have garnered a one-star review for me if not for the ending. I haven't read all the other reviews--there are many--but among those I have read, almost no one has mentioned the thing that bothered me the most about this story.

Keturah gives up everything she's ever wanted--all her dreams, all her plans, all her aspirations--to be with emo, dark-cloak-wearing Lord Death. The story presents this as noble on her part, as right, as the only good decision.

Lord Death gives up nothing for Keturah.

If I ever have daughters, this is not what I want their fairy tales to tell them.

That is all.