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Blackout - Mira Grant I liked "Feed" a lot, even though it had some problems (such as the repetition mentioned by many other reviewers, and extremely one-dimensional villains), and even though Mira Grant is coming from a different political perspective than I am. The way it ended was completely unexpected and, in my opinion, took it to the next level, despite the flaws.

Then came book two. And I liked it, mostly. Shaun was a complete asshole, to everyone, but I understood that, for the same reason I understood Katniss Everdeen's behavior in "Mockingjay." Trauma does things to people, and it usually isn't pretty. But the way that book ended... well, to say I'm disappointed that Grant undid the one truly gutsy thing she'd accomplished in this series is a bit of an understatement.

Still, I figured I'd give "Blackout" a try. And what I found was:

-The plot, always thin, has devolved into something my four-year-old nephew would find nonsensical.
-Not only did Grant undo George's death, she did it for no reason that could ever in a million years actually make sense.
-And, for me, the crowning moment of disgust and disappointment... INCEST! Which we are expected to accept as normal and even sweet! I suppose some people are fine with it since George and Shaun aren't biologically related, but... no. They were raised as brother and sister, they still present themselves and refer to each other as brother and sister.

I find myself now wishing I had stopped after "Feed," that I had never known the rest of the series existed.